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Threads in perl on Solaris. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at t/local/07_sslecho.t line 9. # Looks like your test exited with 2 before it could output anything. This will result in Proc::ProcessTable being built under the correct environment. In general, the defaults should be fine for most people. navigate here

Re: perl: fatal: relocation error: by Anonymous Monk on Jun 04, 2012 at 01:43UTC :) I think I understand the error message , site:perlmonks.org solaris relocation error, either you're mixing 32-bit/64-bit It also needs to ensure not only does it have all the files, but that it links up all the references, both code and data. The reason this causes a problem is quite subtle. This problem seems to be an common issue with Oracle and Solaris.

Fatal Relocation Error Referenced Symbol Not Found

Search Forums Show Threads Show Posts Tag Search Advanced Search Unanswered Threads Find All Thanked Posts Go to Page... unix and linux operating commands referenced symbol not found, how For consistency with common usage, perl's Configure script performs some minor manipulations on the operating system name and version number as reported by uname. The versions of as and ld supplied with Solaris work fine for building perl. If you remove the perl supplied with the OS, you will render some bits of your system inoperable.

file /usr/local/apache2 /modules/mod_cwmp_22.so: symbol curl_easy_init: referenced symbol not found Now, here we go. t/local/07_sslecho.t ............. Please note that these sites are under the control of their respective owners, not the perl developers. Symbol Sema_timedwait: Referenced Symbol Not Found If you will be building extensions that call third-party shared libraries (e.g.

at t/local/50_digest.t line 6 Compilation failed in require at t/local/50_digest.t line 6. up vote 0 down vote favorite I've been messing around on a Solaris box, installing precompiled lib/programs from the repos by extracting them and placing them in my home dir. The webserver module was built against one version of libcurl, but now you're trying to run against a different version on your dev box. http://www.perlmonks.org/bare/?node_id=408016 If you have any idea, please let me know.

For more details, see Document ID27606 entitled "Differing /dev/random support requirements within Solaris[TM] Operating Environments", available at http://sunsolve.sun.com . Ld.so.1 Sqlldr Fatal Relocation Error Instead of invoking perl Makefile.PL to generat +e the makefile needed to compile a module, perlgcc Makefile.PL should + be used instead. Is there a difference between u and c in mknod Uncertainty principle Why does Mal change his mind? more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science

Ld.so.1: Java: Fatal: Relocation Error

When you start an app that is dynamically linked (and on Solaris EVERYthing is dynamically linked) the dynamic loader needs to bring in all the libraries. http://superuser.com/questions/291022/how-to-debug-ld-so-1-fatal-relocation-error Public huts to stay overnight around UK How should I deal with a difficult group and a DM that doesn't help? Fatal Relocation Error Referenced Symbol Not Found These will get automatically mapped to fseeko64() and ftello64(). Ld.so.1: Sudo: Fatal: Relocation Error t/local/05_passwd_cb.t ...........

A 32-bit application must use the xxx64() functions in order to access large files. http://jvmwriter.org/relocation-error/ld-so-1-lsnrctl-fatal-relocation-error-file.html What do I do?0XAMPP Apache error AH01599: Cannot get media type from 'x-httpd-php53'0Updating apache/mysql/php solaris 11.2 with packaging0Apache, htaccess questions, working towards running owncloud Hot Network Questions 2002 research: speed of It seems like you may have to set the environment $ORACLE_HOME before you build the oracle DBD module. Many of the failures happen in the Encode tests, where for example when the test expects "0" you get "0" which should after a little squinting look very odd indeed. Ld.so.1 Oracle Fatal Relocation Error

This is just so you get a better understanding. CROSS-COMPILATION Nothing too unusual here. Longs and Pointers are 32 bit. 64-bit apps are more properly known as LP64. http://jvmwriter.org/relocation-error/ld-so-1-java-fatal-relocation-error-file.html When pe +rl is built it saves the name of the compiler and any compiler flags +in its configuration files, and then uses these saved settings when a +ny additional modules

Dubious, test returned 2 (wstat 512, 0x200) No subtests run t/handle/local/05_use.t .......... 1/1 # Failed test 'use Net::SSLeay::Handle;' # at t/handle/local/05_use.t line 8. # Tried to use 'Net::SSLeay::Handle'. # Error: Can't Ld.so.1 Httpd Fatal Relocation Error See proc(4) for further discussion. For example, if you are running Solaris 2.6 and your gcc is installed under /usr/local, check in /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib and make sure you have the appropriate directory, sparc-sun-solaris2.6/ or i386-pc-solaris2.6/.

t/local/31_rsa_generate_key.t ....

Probably your system contains an old version of the shared object that should contain this symbol. In addition to that, don't try anything too Unicode-y, especially with Encode, and you should be fine in SunOS 4.x. I fllowed technical documentation on that. Symbol Unsetenv: Referenced Symbol Not Found It seems to have found libcurl.so (or else you would have seen a different error) but it can not find the specific symbol.

share|improve this answer answered Apr 23 '13 at 15:34 Rich Homolka 21.2k43961 Hello Rich, First of all thank you for your help, the actual library being used seems to Then do a $ grep /my/missing/file /var/sadm/install/contentsThis will display a line like this: /usr/include/sys/errno.h f none 0644 root bin 7471 37605 956241356 SUNWhea The last item listed (SUNWhea in this example) BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at t/handle/external/10_destroy.t line 21. weblink Volunteers to update it as appropriately for gcc version 3 would be appreciated.

There are probably other sources as well. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /export/home/user/software/Net-SSLeay-1.42/blib/lib/Net/SSLeay/Handle.pm line 7. at t/external/15_altnames.t line 6 Compilation failed in require at t/external/15_altnames.t line 6. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at t/local/08_pipe.t line 6.

Include /usr/ccs/bin/ in your PATH. Compilation failed in require at t/handle/external/10_destroy.t line 21. Failed 27/811 test scripts, 96.67% okay. 1383/75399 subtests failed, 98.17% okay.The alarm() test failure is caused by system() apparently blocking alarm(). Both xxx() and xxx64() functions are available to the program source.

Already have an account? According to the man page, The transitional compilation environment exports all the explicit 64-bit functions (xxx64()) and types in addition to all the regular functions (xxx()) and types. Try reading the information in ORAFAQ.net - sqlcxt error which should give you some idea of how to fix it by adding options to your compile - you will need to t/local/04_basic.t ...............

The entire perl thread implementation is still experimental, however, so beware. Sun's C Compiler If you use Sun's C compiler, make sure the correct directory (usually /opt/SUNWspro/bin/) is in your PATH (before /usr/ucb/). Reload to refresh your session. Is it correct to write "teoremo X statas, ke" in the sense of "theorem X states that"?

Starting with Solaris 8, perl5.00503 (or higher) is supplied with the operating system, so you might not even need to build a newer version of perl at all. Action For a resolution, refer to "ld.so.1: string: fatal: relocation error: string: string: referenced symbol not found". Perl can be compiled with either Sun's add-on C compiler or with gcc.