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Lexmark T520 Error Displays


Make sure there is continuity between the transfer roller and its contact on the HVPS; replace the transfer roll if the continuity is correct. If not present check in printer. Thermistor Check: HOT - J2-1 - J2-2 = 2.5K ohms COLD = 150K ohms to 260K ohms Replace fuser assembly Shop For: Lexmark Maintenance Kits Lexmark Fusers Remove the duplex front cover to access the jam area. check over here

Check the left and right transfer roll arm assembly to make sure it is fastened and locked in the down position if applicable to your machine. Error 27 Envelopes/paper loaded are wrong size. br Lamentamos o inconveniente. Thank you for the speedy shipment and response. http://support.lexmark.com/index?page=content&productCode=LEXMARK_T630&segment=SUPPORT&userlocale=EN_US&id=SO1980

933 Service Printhead Error

Error 928 Erase lamp assembly missing or disconnected Error 929 The toner sensor is not operating properly, the developer drive assembly is not operating properly or the print cartridge is The main motor is located just to the left of the toner cartridge. Replace the transfer roller as necessary. See “Network Wrap Tests” on page 23.

Make sure top access door is closed securely 2. Check the wiring harness cable. Error 38 38 Memory Full Memory used to store pages is full. 931.01 Service Printhead Error Observe the lamp through the left near side of the printer.

Make sure the memory shown on the printout matches the installed memory. In general, fuser errors require replacement of the fuser as a cost effective repair. The product was delivered just a few minutes ago. navigate to these guys Error 80 Network Card Codes These user codes are documented in various network card user manuals.

Check paper sensor flag for restricted movement or damage. 935.10 Service Printhead Error Lexmark Check connecting cables for continuity. Il ya eu une erreur à l'application. Error 44 Defective font card installed in font slot.

935 Service Printhead Error Lexmark E352dn

Generated Tue, 18 Oct 2016 18:01:44 GMT by s_ac4 (squid/3.5.20) http://support.lexmark.com/index?page=content&segment=SUPPORT&locale=en&userlocale=EN&id=SO5058&productCode=LEXMARK_T656 Indicates that the fuser is below standby temperature when the printer is idle. 933 Service Printhead Error We got it this morning and I have it installed. Service Printhead Error Lexmark T650n Scroll Down to your error code....

Houve um erro com o aplicativo. check my blog It may take the printer 10-20 seconds to determine if the print cartridge is defective. Remove toner cartridge for better access to jammed paper. Reconnect. Lexmark T632 Printhead Error

Paper not being picked up check paper tray & pickup rollers Replace rollers if worn smooth or cracked ERROR 21 The exit sensor was not made in time after the input Application Error en We're sorry for the inconvenience. Es gab einen Fehler bei der Anwendung. this content Check the operation of the toner sensor.

Error 921 Fuser is below standby temperature when idle. Service Printhead Error Lexmark E450dn There was an error with the application. May require service technician Press "GO" to clear message and temporarily continue Install Transfer Drum Unit Error 88 Toner Low Toner sensor detects low toner.

It can also be the LVPS (low voltage power supply) or a fuse in the power supply on some models.

Error 80 Printer has reached 200,000-300,000* prints without maintenance count reset. Check the toner metering cam on back of suspect cartridge. Error 26 Duplex unit is installed but paper tray is not sensed. Lexmark T650 Printhead May be due to the paper feeding manually while motors running and previous page in path.

Please try the request again. Mirror motor unable to reach operational speed, various other component level failures indicated by 935.XX Check cables, look for chafing or damage to ribbon cable at sharp bends around rear Your cache administrator is webmaster. have a peek at these guys If the printer is expecting a toner addition cycle but one is not detected, a 94x TMC Error is displayed.

Request Quote Error 920 920 Fuser Error indicates the Fuser is below temperature while printing. C'è stato un errore con l'applicazione. If cables, connectors and connections are good replace assemblies listed. Remove jammed media Error 250 Paper Jam - Check MP Feeder Paper is jammed in the multipurpose feeder.

See “Duplex” on page 2-16 Error 24 The defined paper size is too short to print data as formatted. Fuser errors can be from a cold fuser or an overheated fuser. Replace the assys in the following order 1. The thermistor provides feedback on the temperature of the fuser roller and when it fails, the fuser power is shut off and the fuser does not heat up.

It may be necessary to remove the re drive assembly to observe the lamp cycling on and off. Se ha producido un error en la aplicación. C'è stato un errore con l'applicazione. Check the fuser lamp is the correct type of lamp that should be installed. • Verify the line voltage is not exceeding the maximum rating for the printer.

Open the printer rear door to access the jam. Veronica Casto Houston, TX It is nice to place anonline order & get to talk to an actual person. If the test fails, the disk is defective or the data on track1 is bad. Il ya eu une erreur à l'application.

Error 24X Paper Jam - Check Tray "X" Primary: Paper is jammed around Tray X (X=tray 1 thru 5). it Ci scusiamo per l'inconveniente. If the paper is not jammed in the duplex unit, then it may be jammed in the rear of the printer. Replace Printhead Pricing Error 934 Printhhead Error - Lost Lock condition Indicates a problem with the mirror motor circuit in the printhead assembly or the mirror motor cable to the system

Additional info on X and XX codes available by email.