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Lexmark S 1855 Printhead Error


If an open circuit, replace the lamp or fuser. Error 62 Disk Full Not enough disk space for data that has been requested to be written to disk. Any help here would be appreciated too. Make sure there is no paper jammed in the printer. check over here

If there is no continuity, make sure the HVPS contact returns to its upward limit when depressed, and make sure the left bearing of the transfer roll is making proper contact. Make sure the memory shown on the printout matches the installed memory. Prev12Next » Not finding what you are looking for? Replace with the correct printhead.

933 Service Printhead Error

Make sure top access door is closed securely 2. It may take the printer 10-20 seconds to determine if the print cartridge is defective. br Lamentamos o inconveniente. Shop for Lexmark print cartridges Error 32 32 Wrong Print Cartridge installed The installed print cartridge is not supported by the Optra printer.

Error 27 Envelopes/paper loaded are wrong size. Remove and reinstall print cartridge. If the printer was not recently serviced before this error occurred and powering the printer off and on does not help, the printhead unit and possibly the laser cable or the Lexmark T632 Printhead Error Lexmark Fuser Pricing Error 925 A 925 service error indicates the wrong fuser lamp is installed in the printer and does not match the one stored in the printer code.

I guess there is always a first time. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Application Error en We're sorry for the inconvenience. Also make sure to check the laser cable going from the printer's engine board to the printhead unit, as it reads that signal. http://support.lexmark.com/index?page=content&productCode=LEXMARK_T642&segment=SUPPORT&userlocale=EN_US&id=SO3398 All Rights Reserved.

If cables, connectors and connections are good replace assemblies listed. 935.10 Service Printhead Error Lexmark Best be may be to order a used one from ebay see if it works and if not use the laser/scanner from it for your unit. Thermistor Check: HOT - J2-1 - J2-2 = 2.5K ohms COLD = 150K ohms to 260K ohms Lexmark Fuser Replace fuser assembly Error 923 Fuser is too hot while printing or May be due to the paper feeding manually while motors running and previous page in path.

935 Service Printhead Error Lexmark E352dn

parts for 90days or 6months for fuser units). http://www.copytechnet.com/forums/lexmark/47974-lexmark-s1855-error-931-a.html If the printer continues to post a 932 Printhead Error, it thinks there is an Hsync error occurring in the printhead assembly. 933 Service Printhead Error Error 53 Unformatted or Defective Flash - Flash problem at POR or while attempting to write. Service Printhead Error Lexmark T650n Check paper sensor flag for restricted movement or damage.

Check AC power source for noise. check my blog Error 47 47 Font Card Removed While Printing Printer needs data on removed card. Make sure there is continuity between the transfer roller and its contact on the HVPS; replace the transfer roll if the continuity is correct. Replace low voltage power supply assembly. 931.01 Service Printhead Error

What should be the next thing I check? Se ha producido un error en la aplicación. Filter By: 935 scanner t610 933 service 934 error_lex indicates 931 s1255 correctly 47 questions posted Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! this content Request Quote 947 Engine Board Engine board failure Replace the Engine Board Request Quote 953-954 NVRAM Failure NVRAM Failure 953: NVRAM Chip Failure 954: NVRAM CRC Failure Optra T 640/642/644

I truly appreciate it. Service Printhead Error Lexmark E450dn All rights reserved. Error 59 Duplex Cover Open Top cover of duplex unit is sensed open.

Houve um erro com o aplicativo.

Il ya eu une erreur à l'application. The pin should enter the tower on the HVPS and depress the cover switch. It's a very superb machine and I need to use it again. Lexmark T650 Printhead Error 54 Serial Error - Framing or parity error on serial.

Question about Lexmark Optra Printers & Copiers 1 Answer I have an error on printhead error, can you tell me what this means Printhead error message indicates that the printhead (laser Error 44 Defective font card installed in font slot. Error 29 The output bin sensor has not been unmade.See “Output Bin Sensor” on page 2-22. have a peek at these guys POR several times Check each board for secure ground.

LiveJournal Find more Communities RSS Reader Shop Help Login Login CREATE BLOG English (en) English (en) Русский (ru) Українська (uk) Français (fr) Português (pt) español (es) Deutsch (de) Italiano (it) Беларуская Error 901 Engine Flash Indicates the Flash with the system code program is defective Peplace System Board Request Quote Error 914 DC Pick Motor - No Encoder Feedback Check the integrated If the error appeared while sending a job from the host to the printer, turn the printer off, then turn it on and try again. John D.

Roller is approximately 2" in circumference print defects with this repetitive spacing can be caused by transfer roller problems, on a standard 11" page defect would repeat five times. Reload the paper and do a power on reset. Replace the Autocompensator Assy. Lexmark Fusers Error 924 924 Fuser Error - Open circuit detected in thermistor circuit.

Open doors and covers and remove the toner cartridge. They warrant the refurb. See “Duplex” on page 2-16 Error 24 The defined paper size is too short to print data as formatted. Intterconnect Board Error 940-943 Color Machines Toner Metering Cycle failure CMKY cartridge 940 = Cyan cartridge 941 = Magenta cartridge 942 = Yellow cartridge 943 = Black cartridge Toner metering cycle

Open doors and covers and remove the toner cartridge. Mirror motor unable to reach operational speed, various other component level failures indicated by 935.XX Check cables, look for chafing or damage to ribbon cable at sharp bends around rear it Ci scusiamo per l'inconveniente. No inkjet error codes available Error Code Error Message Solutions ERROR 20 ERROR 200 Input Paper Sensor was not triggered - Paper may be jammed at the sensor.

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