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Lexmark 7100 Error Messages


Il ya eu une erreur à l'application. For help, see Using Print Properties. For help, see Using the Lexmark All-In-One Center. The document must be placed face down in the upper left corner on the scanner glass. weblink

fr Nous sommes désolés pour ce désagrément. Quick and Normal print more quickly than Best. Call your telephone company to obtain the keypad sequence for temporarily disabling Call Waiting. For help, see Using Print Properties or Using the Lexmark All-In-One Center. http://support.lexmark.com/index?page=content&productCode=LEXMARK_X7170&segment=SUPPORT&userlocale=EN_US&id=SO3533

Lexmark X5470 Error 1203

Are you using paper recommended for your All-In-One? Is the quality of the original document or image satisfactory? Try using a different color setting in your program.

fr Nous sommes désolés pour ce désagrément. See Improving print quality. Did the jam occur far into the All-In-One? Is the paper loaded correctly?

Is the All-In-One connected to a working electrical outlet? Lexmark Printer Error Codes If necessary, double-click setup.exe, and then follow the instructions on the screen to install the software. See Changing Advanced Copy settings. http://support.lexmark.com/index?userlocale=EN_US&locale=EN&page=content&segment=SUPPORT&productCode=LEXMARK_X7170&id=SO3494 Click Copy.

Visit our Web site at http://support.lexmark.com/ for help. Dial the receiving number first, and then scan your original document one page at a time. Load the original document face down in the upper left corner of the scanner glass or text-side up on the ADF. However, you can connect certain devices to your AIO that let you use the fax function in addition to these digital phone services.

Lexmark Printer Error Codes

For an illustration, see step1 on page97. Note: This only applies for documents that are not printing borderless. Lexmark X5470 Error 1203 The USB cable is securely attached to your computer and to the USB port on the back of your All-In-One. Lexmark Cartridge Error Does the AIO detect the dial tone?

Gently wipe the scanner glass with a damp, clean, lint-free cloth. have a peek at these guys Adjust the Lighter/Darker slider bar. Is the All-In-One installed properly on your computer? Connect the All-In-One to an electrical outlet that other electrical devices have been using. Troubleshooting Lexmark Printer Problems

Are the sticker and tape removed from the print cartridges? Select the correct paper type and size. Remove the sticker and transparent tape from the back and bottom of the print cartridges. check over here The Power button lights up.

Remove the object that is blocking the carrier path. From the Copy section, click See More Copy Settings. es Lamentamos las molestias.

Did the jam occur in the ADF?

See Loading plain paper into the paper tray. Adjusting the settings for a magazine or newspaper For scanning: Double-click the Lexmark Productivity Suite icon on your desktop. If the Power button does not light up, see the "The Power button is not lit" at the beginning of this table. Select the highest appropriate Quality for the paper type in Print Properties, or from the All-In-One software.

Remove each page as it exits the All-In-One and let it dry completely before stacking. es Lamentamos las molestias. If you use a PBX phone service, you can install an analog phone line for a fax machine. this content to get information about ordering supplies.

Order a new cartridge or locate a dealer near you from the Lexmark Web site at www.lexmark.com. There was an error with the application.