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Ldap Error 8221

Check the user privileges and correct. 4612 Error Unable to start slapd because it is already running as process process. Check the configuration and correct the specified plug-in entry. 4153 Error Only one instance allowed for plugin type type. Check that a security token is available to the server (as a certificate.) 4795 Error Failed to map key generation parameters into crypto operation ones. Cause: The tag (algorithm) specified to hash the password is not defined in the configuration file. navigate here

Solution: Upgrade to a newer version of the backend plug-in API (at least version 3), recompile, and add the import functionality. 4996: No ldif2db function defined for backend backend Cause: No Cause: Directory Server tried to register an object type other than Connection, Operation, Entry, or Mapping Tree Node. SB_MESSAGE_ERROR_DC_BAD_ASYNC_STATE 8224 (0x2020) Wrong Distributed Cryptography asynchronous operation state. The consumer has returned a disabled error, that is, it is not in a state in which it can receive replication updates. see here

Check the corresponding database error code, and take action according to the database problem. 8234 Error Changelog is not initialized. It is not possible to dump a replica with encrypted attributes. The server was unable to import the NSPR file descriptor into SSL. If it is not present, add it. 4112: Skipping plugin plugin - no valid signature.

Error Code Description 1100 Failed to open journal file '%1' for record reading 1101 File '%1' does not exist 1102 File '%1' is not a valid journal file 1103 Error getting The configuration file contains an invalid value for the specified plug-in. Check the modifications attempted on the replication agreement. 8292 Error Total update of a consumer consumer with an empty database is not allowed. Cause: Directory Server tried to release an extension for an unregistered object type.

Cause: The server is unable to create a global tasks lock. Solution: Make more system memory available by restarting the server. 5042: Unable to create log rotation task thread! This is an error in the client code. https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19575-01/820-2759/ds-bugs/index.html A database error occurred.

All rights reserved.Unauthorized reproduction or linking forbidden without expressed written permission. Solution: Check the ciphers and retry. 4757: Config of SSL session cache failed: out of disk space! Check DB error and take action based on the error code. The cryptography mechanism is invalid or unsupported.

Have you tried to remove and re-create the >replication agreement? https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/sqlserver/en-US/20a94a52-8221-4a65-8cca-3208da2414b0/issue-when-setting-custom-rdnattribute-to-a-new-auxiliary-objectclass?forum=winserverDS The database could not be restored because the archive2db function was not defined. An error occurred reading the dse.ldif configuration file. Encrypted databases are required at startup: %1 1218 Encryption key activation at startup must be enabled before audit encryption can be enabled 1219 Encryption key unwrap failed; possible incorrect password 1220

Solution: Contact Sun Technical Support. 5508: Registration of type object type failed. http://jvmwriter.org/ldap-error/ldap-error-91-cannot-connect-to-the-ldap-server.html If you have not already done this setting, you will receive a message stating that the account user name has been granted the Log On As A Service right. Solution: It is likely that the context is incorrect. Solution: Make sure that the client’s certificate is received by the server before the bind attempt. 4776: sasl error message Cause: SASL error.

Make sure that the password supplied is correct and that the password file syntax is correct. SB_MESSAGE_ERROR_KEYOP_FAILED_GOST 8227 (0x2023) GOST key operation failed. version '%2' on shadow server 1021 Database server and shadow server have incompatible journal versions: version %1 on database server vs. his comment is here Solution: Contact Sun Technical Support. 5034: Incompatible options nsExportReplica=true and dsDecryptAttrs=false: cannot dump replica with encrypted attributes.

The password may be incorrect. The high possibility that original message was tampered. Make sure that the server receives the password for the security token, using a pin.txt file option with the start-slapd command. 4773 Error ldapssl_enable_clientauth (variable) (error error) SSL error - the

System error (file system full, incorrect permissions, etc.) Check the log file for more information and restart the server. 4134 Error Cannot backup DSE file filename.

Please refer to the error log or output for more information. Check the modifications attempted on the replication agreement. 8198 Error Bad Compression Level value for agreement agreement_name. Solution: Check the attribute values being removed. 5393: str2entry_dupcheck: unexpected failure constructing the value tree. See the reservedfd attribute.

And i am sorry but i personally actually find it easier to just run the installer and answer the installer questions (like in 5.2) and then just lauch the java console Could not find database for suffix. Java may not be installed correctly on your system. 5047 Parameter '%1' marked as base64 encoded but not valid base64 '%2'. 5050 Constraint name '%1' is invalid 5051 Class '%1' already weblink For zip based installation, the Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 localized patch is not automatically applied to the Directory Service Control Center.

From that location, you can download a PDF of all Directory Server Enterprise Edition man pages. 6358392 When removing software, the dsee_deploy uninstall command does not stop or delete existing server To work around this limitation, either use a directory for nsslapd-db-home-directory that is shared, or systematically remove the files under nsslapd-db-home-directory at Directory Server startup. Free up resources on the machine and restart the server. 5012 Error Restore failed (error error) The restore process failed. Cause: Directory Server could not allocate memory needed to encrypt attributes.

Cause: When trying to convert the absolute path, it was discovered that the pathname is too long. Change the relative path or the absolute path base so that the sum of their length is lower than the maximum allowed length. 4625 Error Cannot determine current directory. Solution: Stop Directory Server before importing. 4618: Unable to create an index because the database is being used by another slapd process Cause: Unable to create an index because the database Solution: Make more memory available to Directory Server. 4788: Out of memory to create a buffer to hold the encrypted input (error code - string).

Contact Sun ONE Technical Support. 5130 Error malloc of bytes bytes failed; errno error. Solution: Contact Sun Technical Support. 5128: error: unknown handle handle Cause: Parameter error. The consumer is configured as a legacy replica and can therefore not accept multimaster replication. This kind of database is unable to perform an import.

Solution: Make more memory available to the server and restart the server. 4994: Multiple backend instances are specified. Cause: The server is unable to create an index thread. The configuration of the SSL session cache failed, due to a disk space problem. Check the ciphers and retry. 4757 Error Config of SSL session cache failed: out of disk space!

The consumer appears to have the same replicaId as the supplier (both are masters). To workaround this issue, access the man pages at Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 Man Page Reference. This may be because a network outage has occurred, the consumer is down, or the consumer has already dropped the connection. Solution: Check the entry syntax in the configuration file. 5250: Invalid value Cause: The specified configuration attribute in the Directory Server configuration file has no value or the value is invalid.

If the attribute lastInitTimeStamp is not present in the entry, add it and set its value to the value included in the error log. Cause: The value of the specified configuration attribute is too large. The replication agreement is stopping. For each service of the Directory Server or the Directory Proxy Server displayed in the right column, right click the instance and select Stop. 6663685 In the Directory Service Control Center,