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Latex Error Not In Outer Par Mode. Minipage


Ptit_Bleu wrote: > Dear Duncan, > > Thanks for the tips, but I haven't found a way to modify your solution so > that I can include a table and not Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the If you caption them, the captions will be side by side. \usepackage{float} ... \begin{minipage}{\linewidth} \centering \begin{minipage}{0.45\linewidth} \begin{figure}[H] \includegraphics[width=\linewidth]{figures/dummy} \caption{This is the first figure} \end{figure} \end{minipage} \hspace{0.05\linewidth} \begin{minipage}{0.45\linewidth} \begin{figure}[H] \includegraphics[width=\linewidth]{figures/dummy} \caption{This is I haven't read the whole thread, but I think the problem is in using \begin{table}, rather than just going straight into a tabular environment. http://jvmwriter.org/latex-error/latex-error-not-in-outer-par-mode.html

On 3/13/2009 12:07 PM, Ptit_Bleu wrote: > Thanks Dieter for the link. > > In fact it may be a problem with R. > The .tex created with R for the Related 4Package pdftex.def error PDF mode expected1Figure inside leftbar environment generates error “Not in outer par mode”1Latex Error: Cannot determine the size of graphic no bounding box2! If it is just a single paragraph then \parbox is a better choice. Ptit Bleu.

Latex Error Not In Outer Par Mode Table

You can just write \begin{minipage}...\end{minipage}\hspace{...}\begin{minipage}...\end{minipage} as you would write a\hspace{...}b Similarly an image can be included directly, the \includegraphics command produces another box of typeset material that is again placed much Does flooring the throttle while traveling at lower speeds increase fuel consumption? The Framework of a Riddle Why do people move their cameras in a square motion? This applies in paritcular to the \hspace command.

Schau mal unter FAQ! × Prev   Nextput 2 figures side-by-sideNewsgroups: comp.text.tex> Is there a way to put 2 figures side-by-side in a row on the page? > > I tried to put See Aligning image and text on top, with minipages for further discussion of such alignment of images in minipages. Dafür müssen sie beweglich sein. You Can T Use End In Internal Vertical Mode Using graphicx here directly might actually be better. –Martin Scharrer♦ May 11 '12 at 6:11 1 @MartinScharrer: Well, I am new to mwe.

See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation. Latex Error Not In Outer Par Mode Algorithm Der obige Code läuft ohne minipage problemlos: \documentclass{article} \begin{document} \begin{figure} \centering \ldots \caption{Test figure} \end{figure} \end{document} Permanenter link beantwortet 05 Jan '14, 14:14 Student 470●25●76●103 bearbeitet 05 Jan '14, 15:01 esdd Thanks Dieter for the link. http://www.tex.ac.uk/FAQ-ouparmd.html I tried to add some \begin{table} before \begin{minipage}[b]{0.45\linewidth} as I saw here : http://texblog.wordpress.com/2007/08/01/placing-figurestables-side-by-side-minipage/Again !

You can use \includegraphics explicitly yourself, and avoid the automatic code generated by Sweave. Algorithm In Beamer What to do with my out of control pre teen daughter Is it legal to bring board games (made of wood) to Australia? die umgebenden einschachtelnden Befehl wie beispielsweise \parbox oder \fbox wegzulassen. LaTeX Error: Not in outer par mode.

Latex Error Not In Outer Par Mode Algorithm

Werden solche Gleitumgebungen in einer minipage, parbox oder Tabelle "eingesperrt", können sie nicht gleiten, und es tauchen diese Fehlermeldungen auf. http://latex-community.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=20109 A little more code and a full example would be of more use –Christian Hupfer Nov 7 '14 at 13:22 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote Add \usepackage{float} and Latex Error Not In Outer Par Mode Table Browse other questions tagged graphics errors minipage or ask your own question. Latex Error Not In Outer Par Mode Algorithm Beamer Remove the surrounding minipage. –Stefan Kottwitz♦ Jul 17 '13 at 6:16 4 Remove \begin{figure}[h!] and \end{figure}.

PtitBleu Threaded Open this post in threaded view ♦ ♦ | Report Content as Inappropriate ♦ ♦ [solved] How to combine xtable and minipage with Sweave ? weblink It allows figures side-by-side and even lets you label them individually (a) and (b) for exampleDaveput 2 figures side-by-side> Is there a way to put 2 figures side-by-side in a row Thanks in advance, Have a nice week-end, Ptit Bleu. current community blog chat TeX - LaTeX TeX - LaTeX Meta your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. Latex Table In Minipage

For the space between the first two blocks, I used \hspace{4em plus 1fill}, this is a minimum of two quads but stretches to fill out the available room. Some text over several lines. What examples are there of funny connected waypoint names or airways that tell a story? http://jvmwriter.org/latex-error/latex-error-command-bfseries-invalid-in-math-mode.html See the sequence for the figure in the tex code; this gives the typical "Not in outer mode" error Dieter ______________________________________________ [hidden email] mailing list https://stat.ethz.ch/mailman/listinfo/r-helpPLEASE do read the posting guide

On the other, hand if you are using figure because you wanted to have a caption and figure number available, then a minipage to include this and the caption would be Minipage Latex Why do people move their cameras in a square motion? Ptit_Bleu yahoo.fr> writes: > Concerning the point 3, I'm a bit lost.

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Not the answer you're looking for? The data.frame used to generate the table is called rg (rg.txt): "Date"; "Code"; "Data1"; "Data2" "2009-03-10";"1";1958;147 "2009-03-10";"2";302;144 "2009-03-10";"3";4;141 "2009-03-10";"4";4;144 "2009-03-10";"5";217;145 "2009-03-10";"6";133;147 "2009-03-10";"7";431;144 "2009-03-10";"8";177;142 "2009-03-10";"9";146;143 "2009-03-10";"10";123;142 "2009-03-10";"11";308;143 "2009-03-10";"12";115;144 "2009-03-10";"13";146;142 "2009-03-10";"14";124;143 "2009-03-10";"15";176;142 "2009-03-10";"16";177;143 See my answer. –cheshirekow Jan 25 '13 at 17:48 add a comment| up vote 23 down vote You can put a figure inside a minipage if you use the "float" package. Latex Error Not In Outer Par Mode. Algorithm2e Thanks in advance, Ptiti Bleu.

How to unlink (remove) the special hardlink "." created for a folder? You won't be able to use a caption with this non-figure, however, as captions only work inside a figure or table environment. Note that minipage is quite a complex construct. his comment is here It’s simple to achieve this— just reverse the order of the environments (or of the figure environment and the command): \begin{figure} \begin{tabular}{|l|} \hline \includegraphics{foo} \caption{A foo} \hline \end{tabular} \end{figure} The same

minipage: Differences in applicability for a discussion.