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Konica Minolta Dimage Z5 System Error

Due to my limited resources, please do not e-mail me asking for a personal recommendation. Is the \"Grain Dissolver\" the same as the one in Elite 5400? Is there any restrictions when using a filter with DiMAGE 5? Can I use the mirror lens MTO 1000/11 (Astro Rubinar) on the Dynax 7D? have a peek here

How long does it take to reset date after the batteries are removed? Is it a battery problem? What is the function of this battery? But after reformatting I didn't get them anymore. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/1195799

No image can be taken. There is dust on the mirror. Can I use the remote camera function with Macintosh? Is there any dimensional limitation for slide mounts to use in slide mount holder SH-U1?

Konica Minolta Digital Cameras When I switch to look at pictures I've just taken, I get system error and camera shuts down. The scanner is listed as unknown device in the device manager. On what type of film does the Grain Dissolver have effect? Format?" alert appears '.icm' profile for the Scan Dual II. 5600 HS and 3600 HS overexposes with DiMAGE 5 5600 HS and 3600 HS overexposes.

The shutter can be released even if focus is not confirmed (the green lamp blinking). Is it possible to use a remote shutter release cord with the DiMAGE 5/7? The back of the Z5 has changed a bit since the Z3. Can I use this scanner with Windows Vista?

I would like to take an image of night portrait. How do I update the camera firmware? A200 - Nicely focussed darkness Konica Minolta Z6 Slow Focusing in Bright Light Konica KD 310 or Minolta G 500 KM A200 CF card compatibility and speeds KD-400z firmware KM A200 If the resize function is used, is the original image (before being resized) erased?

Manual focus mode lets you use the four-way controller to focus the lens. http://www.lionebra.com/konica_minolta_dimage_z3_digital_camera/q2147528-dimage_z3_system_error How long does it take to charge the built-in flash? Sunset Landscape Action Portrait The shutter speed range has changed since the Z3, and not for the better. Does DiMAGE Scan Multi PRO support APS film?

Does the exposure meter indicates its metered values in M—Mode? navigate here Is it possible to use it immediately when purchasing only the DiMAGE Scan Dual III? Does TTL-flash metering work even when the camera is used in manual mode? Not possible to print out RAW images or JPEG files with embedded profile using PICT-BrBridge.

High Speed Synchronisation does not work. Can the image be copied or moved between memory cards? To discuss this review with other DCRP readers, please visit our forums. Home | News | Digital Camera Reviews & Info | Forums | Buyers Check This Out ISO 50 View Full Size Image ISO 100 View Full Size Image ISO 200 View Full Size Image ISO 320 View Full Size Image ISO 100 is decent, ISO 200 is

How can colour reproduction in the scanned image be improved? I fixed my problem by removing the BATTERY then the MEMORY CARD which I replaced with an empty formatted memory card and replaced battery then connected Camera to my LAPTOP and Konica Minolta DiMAGE G400 Digital Camera Minolta Dimage E323 digital camera stys on...

Can I use the flash of the old macro flash set 1200AF-(N) on the new flash controller MFC-1000?

Does DiMAGE E323 support remote control ? Can the total number of shutter releases be displayed? How long does a scan take? How can I check the firmware version of the camera (Dimage 7i)?

Didnt drop it just open the lense to take a picture and green,red light started to flash on and off and then on the screen it said system error S0042 your Has the camera be sent to the service? Can the new macro flashes (twin flash 2400 and macro flash 1200) also be used on Minolta 5000/7000/9000AF? this contact form How long does a fresh set of batteries last?

Are the tone and volume manually selectable for the audio function? Does this model employ color matching function? While Konica Minolta doesn't say anything about why you'd use this second option, it resulted in better stabilization on the Panasonic cameras that I reviewed. You can make precise adjustments to the focal length by quickly pressing the controller.