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VeriMove Output Field Name Description VeriMoveDataBlock Indicates whether or not Validate Address should return a 250-byte field containing input data to pass to VeriMove Express. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Although the minimum required RAM is still 512 MB, we recommend that you have 2 GB of RAM for best results. If the conversion attempt is successful, the output address is the new address obtained from the LACSLink database.

The secondary information, although present on the input address, was not valid in the range found on the national ZIP+4 file.(e.g., 1409 Hueytown Rd Apt 1781 Bessemer AL 35023)T#Multiple response due However, DPV processing has some options that you can set to customize the results that it returns. Standard address correction can sometimes find multiple matches on a single address. The Address Browser will only show valid ranges of addresses per USPS regulations.

Cass Error Codes

Results returned are guaranteed to be DPV confirmed. Any records that do not qualify for the higher priority rates will be excluded from the mailing. For example, an error would occur if the SuiteLink database is expired. Your cache administrator is webmaster.

The initial drop in ZIP + 4 Code assignments will vary depending on your mailing list, but this drop should not be substantial if you are using a high-quality list. More information on the advantages of and requirements for DPV and LACSLink processing is available at: https://www.usps.com/business/manage-address-quality.htm http://zip4.usps.com/ncsc/addressmgmt/dpv.htm http://zip4.usps.com/ncsc/addressservices/addressqualityservices/lacsystem.htm What is LACSLink? Therefore, in accordance with CASS requirements, a ZIP+4 Code must not be returned. Cass Return Codes This may be because the content has not been migrated.

The address as submitted does not contain a secondary (apartment, suite, etc.) number. Usps Dpv Error Codes The input record matched a master file record, but the input address had a secondary number and the master file record did not.N — No match; a new address could not Thus, ZIP7 is an average of all the lat/long coordinates of nearby ZIP Codes that share those first 7 digits.time_zonevarchar(48)Indicates the common name of the time zone associated with the address.Valid http://wiki.acstechnologies.com/display/ACSDOC/A+lacslink+locking+error+has+occurred+in+the+ACE+software+displays+when+running+CASS+It Using DPV in Bulk Mailer Address Correction automatically runs DPV and LACSLink processing, so you do not need to do anything to activate them.

Here's a sample request with two addresses being sent:curl -v 'https://us-street.api.smartystreets.com/street-address?auth-id=YOUR+AUTH-ID+HERE&auth-token=YOUR+AUTH-TOKEN+HERE' -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data-binary '[{"street":"1 Santa Claus","city":"North Pole","state":"AK","candidates":10},{"addressee":"Apple Inc","street":"1 infinite loop","city":"cupertino","state":"CA","zipcode":"95014","candidates":10}]'curl -v 'https://us-street.api.smartystreets.com/street-address? What Does Failed Dpv Because Of Invalid Secondary Mean DPV processing identifies the deliverable addresses on your mailing list. For example, http://localhost:8080/unc/lacslink.jsp for the Universal Addressing Module and http://localhost:8080/geostan/lacslink.jsp for the Enterprise Geocoding Module. Unit number dropped on input.

Usps Dpv Error Codes

For example, if STREET was in the delivery address, SmartyStreets will return ST as its standard spelling.(e.g., 2438 Brown Avenue Knoxville TN 37917)O#Multiple ZIP+4; lowest usedMore than one ZIP+4 Code was We call these "get requests". Cass Error Codes This input field overrides, for this lookup, any match strategy assigned via optional HTTP headers. What Does Failed Dpv Because Of Invalid Primary Mean This field is in the format nnnnY where: nnnn The four-digit LOT code.

If the attempt is not successful, the address will not be converted. For example: 123 MAIN ST PO BOX 99.(e.g., PO Box 38606 30th Street Train Station Philadelphia PA 19104)K#Cardinal rule matchAlthough the address as submitted is not valid, we were able to N No, do not return the field VeriMoveDataBlock. This means less wasted postage and fewer lost communications. Usps Dpv Codes

Freeform inputs should NOT include any form of country information (like "USA").street2string64blankAny extra address information(e.g., Leave it on the front porch.)secondarystring32blankApartment, suite, or office number(e.g., "Apt 52" or simply "52"; not This lets you know if the USPS delivers mail to the address.Y — Confirmed; entire address was DPV confirmed deliverable.(e.g., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy Mountain View, CA)N — Not Confirmed; address could Click Save to save the file to your computer. This process reduces undeliverable mail by ensuring that your list has the most current address information based on matches with the LACSLink file.

This field contains the Detail Results Indicator data required by VeriMove. Satori Error Codes Please try the request again. See the footnotes table below for details.lacslink_codevarchar(2)The reason for the LACSLink indication that was given (below)A — Match: Address provided.

The DPV requirement only applies to the primary address number.

Only given if a 5-digit match is made.Unique — The ZIP Code consists of a single delivery point, pertaining to a United States Postal Service customer (like a large business or Most HTTP requests are defined using the GET method. Residents may also mark their own mailboxes as inactive for privacy and other reasons.Y — Address is active.N — Address is inactive.[blank] — Activity status is not known by the USPS.ews_matchchar(5)Early Usps Dpv Return Codes No soup for you!09 — Match: No new address.

Other common methods are PUT, POST, and DELETE.The following methods are supported by this API:GET (for sending a single address)POST (for sending multiple addresss)OPTIONS (for "pre-flight" cross domain requests)Note: When calling Removing the +4 Code will allow you to exclude these addresses from your mailing. If you decided to remove the +4 Code, records that have invalid secondary information will be excluded by either of these methods. The primary street name "PARK" is a suffix word.

In some cases, this process will also rename and/or renumber existing street names and numbers. For example "Company and Corporation" is all noise words. N No, the building is not a "no stat" building, which means the building does receive mail. Footnotes are delimited by a # character.

addresses only). The SmartyList tools translate a [blank] RDI value to "Unknown".Note: For some reason, known only to the US Postal Service, PO Boxes are always marked as "Residential".elot_sequencevarchar(4)eLOT (Enhanced Line of Travel) It is a combination of a 2-digit state FIPS code and a 3-digit county code assigned by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).county_namevarchar(64)The name of the county the address D The primary number was validated but the secondary number was missing from input.

N No, the building is not vacant. Valid values are:[blank]strictrangeinvalidMatch StrategyThe following client-specified strategies determine how matches are made and what kind of results are returned.strictThe default match strategy. Depending on your Internet connection and the size of your mailing, you may be able to improve performance by selecting Internet Processing in the Address Correction Wizard. The DPV data set is substantially larger than address correction alone, so searching this extra data set for each address takes longer and requires more system resources.

P1 Input address missing PO, RR or HC Box number. If you decide to remove the +4 Code, those addresses will not qualify for Automation and Carrier Route rates, nor will they be included in the count of ZIP + 4