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Lexmark T520 Error Codes


Error 922 Fuser failed to reach standby temperature. A 920 error caused by low line voltage can sometimes be cleared by turning the machine off and then on again. There may be a piece of paper or a broken printer part in the way, or the flag may have come loose. Thermistor Check: HOT - J2-1 - J2-2 = 2.5K ohms COLD = 150K ohms to 260K ohms Replace fuser assembly Shop For: Lexmark Maintenance Kits Lexmark Fusers weblink

Look for the greenbellcrank release lever at the left side of the inside of the printer, under where the cartridge goes. Requires further measurement The printhead (laser scanner) does not contain any serviceable parts. eCommerce Solution : k-eCommerce My Account| Cart| Order Status Market Point Search: select Advanced search Read Customer Reviews GSA Contract Schedule Enter Here Need Assistance? The thermistor provides feedback on the temperature of the fuser roller and when it fails, the fuser power is shut off and the fuser does not heat up. http://images.lexmark.com/publications/eng/lexmarkt522/index.html

Lexmark Error Codes

Error 44 Defective font card installed in font slot. Check the toner metering cam on back of suspect cartridge. Veronica Casto Houston, TX It is nice to place anonline order & get to talk to an actual person.

Replace Printhead Pricing Error 932 Lost hsync No High voltage signal - check connections at both ends of cable for corrosion or oxidation. I will have purchasing call in an order. Error 30 30 Top Cover Open or Print Cartridge Missing Make sure the spring-mounted pin on the printhead shroud is installed properly and that it is detected by the ramp on Lexmark Engine Error If it does not, see if you can find out why.

A 923 FuserError indicates that the fuser unitis getting too hot while printing or when the printer is idle. 931.01 Service Printhead Error Look for some obstruction in the vicinity of the leading edge of the paper and remove any you find. If cables, connectors and connections are good replace assemblies listed. http://support.lexmark.com/index?pmv=print&page=content&locale=EN&productCode=&segment=SUPPORT&userlocale=EN_US&id=SO2947 Error 82 Photo Developer Cartridge Exhausted The Photo Develper (OPC belt cartridge) has reached the end of it's life and must be replaced.

Se ha producido un error en la aplicación. Lexmark Dc Pick Motor If you cannot find anything jammed up or broken in the back of the printer,open the upper front cover of the printer and remove the toner cartridge. Incorrect jumper settings can cause a 902 service error. May be due to the paper feeding manually while motors running and previous page in path.

931.01 Service Printhead Error

All rights reserved. http://www.all-laser.com/aerrorlex/ Error 921 Fuser is below standby temperature when idle. Lexmark Error Codes San Rafael, CA Great that you have that part in stock and thank you for your quick reply. Lexmark Printer Error Messages Watch the rollers at the back of the printer (where the paper comes out onto the top) to see if they are turning during power up.

Grasping the print cartridge by the hand grip, pull ittowards you and slightly up tolift it out of the holder. have a peek at these guys Locate the feed roller release lever and gently push it back to release the pressure on the paper, as shown below. To remove the jammed sheet of paper: Open the upper front door. Paper is either not leaving the duplex entry sensor in time or not making or unmaking the duplex exit sensor in time. Service Error 146.00 Dc Pick Motor

If the jumpers are set correctly, replace the engine/system board.Back to Service Error Code List Source: Lexmark KnowledgeBase Home Page Technical Resources Lexmark Error Codes HP Error Codes Tech Support Blog Make sure there is no paper jammed in the printer. Wayne Haub Kansas City Save time and money by servicing your own Lexmark printer Lexmark Laser Printer Error Codes Lexmark error codes may not apply equally to all models. check over here Load correct size Error 28 Input sensor not made after pick attempt.

You can then release the buttons. Lexmark Error Codes Problem Observe the lamp through the left near side of the printer. Newer machines display a sub code to indicate which condition applies.

If one of these errors appeared during POST, or while the printer was idle (not printing or receiving data), or while trying to print one of the internal test pages, replace

Lexmark Fuser Pricing Error 925 A 925 service error indicates the wrong fuser lamp is installed in the printer and does not match the one stored in the printer code. Remove the duplex front cover to access the jam area. The fuser assembly is subject to mechanical wear and heat related degradation and is a scheduled replacement item in most machines at between 200K and 350K pages. Lexmark Printer Error Code Ec5 Thank you and your firm again, you were terrific.

Houve um erro com o aplicativo. 3567 Benton Street, Suite 243 Santa Clara, CA 95051 800.360.1337 408.745.9800 Order Desk: 8 AM to 5 PM Home Contact Us About Us Terms Paper not being picked up check paper tray & pickup rollers Replace rollers if worn smooth or cracked ERROR 21 The exit sensor was not made in time after the input Los Altos Hills, CA Thank you. http://jvmwriter.org/error-code/lexmark-w850-error-codes.html May require service technician Press "GO" to clear message and temporarily continue Install Transfer Drum Unit Error 88 Toner Low Toner sensor detects low toner.

Pay close attention to the area where the toner cartridge sits. If the Quick Disk Test passes but the disk does not work, run the Disk Test/Clean (2 hr.