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Ldapssl Error Codes


Thursday, January 23, 2014 3:17 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote HI, Please see some introduction on TLS. Now, I cannot bind with my service account. For LDAPI connections the socket path is returned. MAILING LIST A discussion mailing list is hosted by the Perl Foundation at No subscription is necessary! navigate here

The add or modify operation tries to add an entry with a value for an attribute which the class definition does not contain. In NDS 8.3x through NDS 7.xx, this was the default error for NDS errors that did not map to an LDAP error code. We can confirm this by looking for the following in the Certutil output: Cert Hash(sha1): a5 79 2f 21 82 99 4d f2 31 83 00 81 2c 84 85 3c These will fall primarily into one of two categories, issues with the private key and issues with certificate chaining. navigate to this website

Ldap Error Codes

The most secure option is require. Either the server does not support the control or the control is not appropriate for the operation type. 13 LDAP_CONFIDENTIALITY_REQUIRED Indicates that the session is not protected by a protocol such TCP port may be specified after the host name followed by a colon (such as localhost:10389). Without SASL layers the result is always an IO::Socket object; with SASL layers the outcome depends on the options given: sasl_layer => FLAG This option is only relevant if SASL layers

If the property is set to "follow", then the LDAP provider processes the referral. My DCs have certs from the following templates Kerberos authentication Directory messages replication If I setup a test domain with PKI on a DC it works, but that's not If you wish to switch to another set of credentials while continuing to use the same connection, re-binding with another DN and password, without unbind-ing, will generally work. Microsoft Ldap Error Codes If not specified, then the following attributes will be requested subschemaSubentry namingContexts altServer supportedExtension supportedFeatures supportedControl supportedSASLMechanisms supportedLDAPVersion The result is an object of class Net::LDAP::RootDSE.

However, the client does have to trust the server certificate and has to be able to verify the server’s revocation status. Ldap Error Code 49 80090308 When we receive the certificate from the CA, we can verify that the certificate is based on the request that was generated by the client. clientcert => '/path/to/cert.pem' clientkey => '/path/to/key.pem' keydecrypt => sub { ... } If you want to use the client to offer a certificate to the server for SSL authentication (which is http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSVJJU_6.3.1/com.ibm.IBMDS.doc_6.3.1/concept/c_pg_appa_posible_error_code_ldap_ssl_function.html Friday, July 18, 2014 8:32 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote Thomas - July has come and gone - did they ever get you a hotfix?born to learn!

It wasn't accurate It wasn't clear It wasn't relevant Submit feedback Cancel Have a question about this article? Ldap Error Code 49 - Invalid Credentials I duplicated a kerberos template, created a cert on one DC, exported the cert and keys and imported in NTDS personnal cert, rebooted the DC, still TLS 1.2 error. Example $ldap = Net::LDAP->new( 'remote.host', async => 1 ); LDAPS connections have some extra valid options, see the start_tls method for details. The server would immediately send back a TCP RST, closing the connection, and logging the above errors.

Ldap Error Code 49 80090308

Incomplete results are returned. 5 LDAP_COMPARE_FALSE Does not indicate an error condition. http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/jndi/ldap/exceptions.html Returns only when presented with a valid username and valid password credential. 49 / 532 PASSWORD_EXPIRED Indicates an Active Directory (AD) AcceptSecurityContext data error that is a logon failure. Ldap Error Codes The user's account has expired. Active Directory Ldap Error Codes I tried the registry edits that worked in older version of Window Server, but unless I am missing something, they don't seem to be working.

born to learn! http://jvmwriter.org/error-code/ldap-error-codes-32.html Bind operations. 0x21 33 LDAP_ALIAS_PROBLEM: Indicates an error occurred when an alias was dereferenced. 0x22 34 LDAP_INVALID_DN_SYNTAX: Indicates the syntax of the DN is incorrect. (If the DN syntax is correct, Friday, August 29, 2014 7:54 AM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote I have some OpenLDAP servers that were pointed to Windows Server 2003 using LDAPS, working fine. This is to support LDAP query options like base, search etc. Ldap Error Code 49 Acceptsecuritycontext Error Data 52e V1db1

Copyright © 1995, 2015 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Passing the crowd.properties File as an Environment Variable Atlassian Product Integration Application Caching JIRA integration Public Signup Setup IBM Lotus Domino Integration IBM Websphere Integration Support Policies Bug Fixing Policy How process ( MESG ) Process any messages that the server has sent, but do not block. his comment is here I only get the error when connecting from a Linux based OpenLDAP server (which can connect to Server 2008 with no problem).

The directory in 'capath' must contain certificates named using the hash value of the certificates' subject names. Ldap Error Code 32 Freakin' ridiculous MSFT - documentation is absolutely not consistent for roles support of sha512.born to learn! certificate ( ) Returns an X509_Certificate object containing the server's certificate.

See the Naming Exceptions section for an overview of the JNDI exception classes.

Only when all have failed will the result of undef be returned. The “Revocation” error means that either the CRL is not cached locally on the client and/or we are unable to download the CRL from one of the publication points. The shorter list of ciphers prevents OpenSSL from sending its default (longer) list and allows the connection to properly handshake with AD LDAP. Ldap: Error Code 49 - 80090308: Ldaperr: Dsid-0c0903a8 Submit feedback to IBM Support 1-800-IBM-7378 (USA) Directory of worldwide contacts Contact Privacy Terms of use Accessibility A browser with JavaScript enabled is required for this page to operate properly.

find Dereference aliases in locating the base object of the search, but not when searching subordinates of the base object. If not specified, then the server will return the attributes that are specified as accessible by default given your bind credentials. If we cannot get to either of the paths, then this will have to be resolved. http://jvmwriter.org/error-code/ldap-error-codes-ibm.html Private Key A typical error message would be: No Key Provider Information or Missing Stored Keyset This problem is due to a missing private key.

If not we need a new certificate. Documentation The Java™ Tutorials Download Ebooks Download JDK Search Java Tutorials Hide TOC Advanced Topics for LDAP Users LDAP v3 JNDI as an LDAP API How LDAP Operations Map to JNDI If the request is a search then multiple packets can be received from the server. For example, either of the following cause this error: The client returns simple credentials when strong credentials are required...OR...The client returns a DN and a password for a simple bind when

Log in or register to post comments Comment #3 js1 CreditAttribution: js1 commented November 27, 2006 at 2:05am My fix was to add 'TLS_REQCERT never' to the /etc/ldap/ldap.conf file Just checked... Related changes Special pages Permanent link This page was last modified 18:09, 13 July 2016. Give us your feedback. callback => CALLBACK See "CALLBACKS" below.

InvalidAttributeValueException 32 No such object exists. Saturday, November 01, 2014 3:54 PM Reply | Quote Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site. If the "java.naming.ldap.referral.limit" property has been exceeded, throw LimitExceededException. 11 Administrative limit exceeded. port => N Port to connect to on the remote server.

If we have a validation issue we will see one of the following errors at the very bottom of the Certutil output: Example 1: A required certificate is not within its Either the server does not support the control or the control is not appropriate for the operation type. 0x0D 13 LDAP_CONFIDENTIALITY_REQUIRED: Indicates the session is not protected by a protocol such Example $mesg = $ldap->delete( $dn ); moddn ( DN, OPTIONS ) Rename the entry given by DN on the server. Looking at the list of cipher suites sent by LDP.exe, none included SHA512 as a signature algorithm.

My error message is: LDAP Bind failure for user uid=.... . callback => CALLBACK See "CALLBACKS" below. Indicates that the results of a compare operation are false. 6 LDAP_COMPARE_TRUE Does not indicate an error condition. In the JNDI, error conditions are indicated as checked exceptions that are subclasses of NamingException.

By perlmonks.org CPAN RT New 1 Open 2 View/Report Bugs Module Version: 0.65 Source NAME SYNOPSIS DESCRIPTION CONSTRUCTOR METHODS CONTROLS CALLBACKS LDAP ERROR CODES SEE ALSO ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS MAILING LIST For example, the following types of requests return this error: The client requests a delete operation on a parent entry.