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Laserjet 4si Error Codes


Check the software to ensure the correct language was selected. Message: W6 Job 300/A4, HP LASERJET 4, 4M, 4SI, 4P Printers W6 Job 300/A4 HP LaserJet 4, 4M, 4Si, 4P printers The job was printed at 300 dpi with page protection Turn the printer off and then on. 3. Reduce the document's graphics resolution. this contact form

Print a self-test to verify paper size settings for trays. 3. Do not touch the glass portion with your fingers as finger oils will create hot spots and cause premature failures. On the HP 4/4+/5 printers there is a potentiometer adjustment on the left side of the printer. Same as 42 error. 49 FIRMWARE ERROR Only for the laserjet 4100: Try printing a different file if error persists remove all dimms and EIO devices, last replace formatter. 50 ERROR http://www.csgnetwork.com/hplaserjeterrors.html

Hp Laser Printer Error Codes

You may need to reseat the memory DIMM's or replace the firmware DIMM or formatter board. HP LaserJet IIISi, 4Si printer An attempt was made to use a "personality" firmware cartridge. Replace DC controller. Verify AC power supply and cord are OK.

Reseat the card and if available, swap with a known working card. Message: 09 Rst Active I/O HP LASERJET 4, 4M, 4Si, 4P Printers 09 Rst Active I/O HP LaserJet 4, 4M, 4Plus, 4Mplus, 4Si, 4Si MX, 4P, 4MP Printers Clearing the page If this message persists, a repair may be required. Hp Inkjet Printer Error Codes If the paper is jamming at registration or anywhere between pickup and exit it could be a number of things.

II, IID, III, IIID Replace paper control PCB. Hp Printer Error Code List Pdf Can also be caused by a defective DC controller. Check replace SIMM's 62.x Service All printers Reseat SIMM and FONT cartridge x = 0 Internal memory x = 1-4 SIMM slot # x = 5 Defective FONT cartridge x = http://www.all-laser.com/aerror-code/ If the error message does not appear, the problem is on the SIMM board or typeface cartridge.

If you don't allow this capacitor to discharge, you will still get a Error 50 even if you have fixed the problem. 52 Scanner Error Hp Laserjet Damaged printer I/O port 5P Reseat parallel cable and insure you are using a 1284 compliant bi-directional cable 23 I/O not ready All printers except II, IIP, IIP+, III, 4, 4+, Check that installed memory meets these specifications. Ensure the printer is firmly closed.

Hp Printer Error Code List Pdf

Insert the appropriate envelope size into the MP tray (Manual feed guides on HP LaserJet 4Si Printer) and press online to print. II,III Only: 1. Hp Laser Printer Error Codes Turn the printer off, wait 10 minutes, and then turn the printer on. 2. Hp Laptop Error Codes Take a sharp tool, like a razor blade and scrape the buildup off these edges.

May need to reload your PostScript print driver file. weblink Message: 18 Aux I/O Init HP LASERJET 4, 4M Printers 18 Aux I/O Init HP LaserJet 4, 4M Printers The modular I/O card is initializing. Do you have the correct paper size specified? Reduce the document's graphics resolution. 3. Hp Computer Error Codes

Also on the 4V/4MV check the door open sensor (PS402) on the terminal board located under the transfer roller. Replace PS1 if defective. Paper size may be Letter, Legal, Exec or A4. navigate here Message: 60 Error, HP LASERJET, Plus, 500 Plus Printers 60 Error HP LaserJet, Plus, 500 Plus printers The printer's Interface board has detected an internal error.

If the message still appears, the problem is in the printer's internal memory and requires service. 50.0 Fuser Error Hp Laserjet P1102 SEARCH (800)LASER-20 Managed Print Services FREE Print Analysis Managed Print Services (MPS) HP JetAdvantage Solutions Overview Mobile Printing Security Workflow Management JetAdvantage Insights Print Strategies Copier Hard Drive Security White Papers Look for bits of paper lodged in the path particularly around the sensors. 4L/4P printers can have paper stuck in the pickup area which is accessed by removing the screw over

Message: MP Empty , LC Empty , or LE Empty , HP LASERJET IIP, IIP+, IIIP Printers MP Empty LC Empty LE Empty HP LaserJet IIP, IIP+, IIIP Printers This message

X=2: Laser malfunction. 52 ERROR (Incorrect Scanner Speed) 1. The printer is asking for the same paper length (size) that was requested by the software. See information on secondary patterns below. Hp Error Code Oxc4eb827f Replace this as an assembly.

Defective Paper Control Sensor PCB - These do fail and will need to be replaced. It is a PC B5 message. Turn duplex unit off when using envelopes 57 Error III, IIID only 57-1 error. his comment is here Order our 4/4+/5 Exit Jam Repair Kit.

The assembly is located on the door of the printer and is the black felt/fuzz covered assembly with the "Warning High Temperature" imprint. Pull the sealing tape tab to remove the strip. Check that the paper sensor arm isn't stuck or broken. Insert paper into the multi-purpose tray to continue.

SHIFT and Continue will not clear the display. Note IIP, IIP+, IIIP: Short C212 on the DC Controller to bypass error 50 time delay. (The printer must be turned off.) IIISi/4Si Only: 1. If the printer is already plugged into a wall outlet, try another power source in the building that is independent of the one currently being used. 4. In some instances, electrical noise in the cable can corrupt data during transmission to the printer.

The printer will still print, but will only be able to use the memory installed below the SIMM in question.